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Tell me how you Really feel 

This show is about ladies speaking there minds on different topics like music. current affairs relationships and more Every Thurday from 8pm-9pm Est

Midday Motivation is the show where you can get the midday fix of inspiration. We have different speaker on each day from Noon until 2pm est 

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Whisper's In The Dark

This show is the wind down of the night and listen to some of slow jams from 70's 80's 90's and today. Every Sunday -Thursday 9pm-1am Est

 Our New show on Inspiration 98.7 the perfect way to end your Sunday prayer studying God's word. Sundsay afternoon at 4pm EST

Show Announcement__ 📣📣 Formerly _Chop
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Come relax and chill with artist entrepreneurs actors and more for the latest news and projects. Every Friday at 7pm EST