Poet of the week Poetiq Kemistry

So I've Loved a few But IN LOVE x2 You know that love when I wake and think of you through the day and through the night too That kind of live where even lying next to you I dream of you That love so strong I pray for you as I pray with you That love in movies, that's makes me fall even more in love with you Cause my story never ends It's real and its with you So I've Loved a few But IN LOVE x2 That love you read in the bible and Quran too That love heaven sent that you can't understand That love that's sketched Permanently everywhere we stand So I've Love a few But in LOVE x2 We actually 3 because of your love being so amazing I realized I was so in LOVE with me Well before you could ever be So yes I've Loved a few and lost loves too But so grateful for it Because it only brought me YOU!! Now this is love!! ~ Poetiq Kemistry

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